She Breathes Fire

In honor of the Maleficent film being made, I bring out an old Maleficent fanfic that I wrote several years ago.  This is the kind of thing my brain likes to do when I’m really supposed to be planning out something else.


Maleficent’s scales gleam darker in the firelight, appearing black rather than purple. The lighter hue of her underbelly never alters, leaves her feeling exposed. The veins around her heart pounded hard enough to be seen through even a dragon’s thick skin. Maleficent hated it. Hated anything that reminded her of her weaknesses. She spent years attempting to thicken her skin, to toughen her delicate veins till no movement would be perceptible. Eventually, she simply stopped her heart.

The dracal seldom chose to take on human form anymore. Their females felt uncomfortable, as the pointed chins and unusual stature characteristic of them outside their dragon form made them the mockery of regular humans. As there were strict laws prohibiting the mating of dracals in separate forms, the males became accustomed to remaining dragons, as well. Over time the majority of dracals lost even the knowlege of human mating rituals.

It was for this reason that Maleficent’s father encouraged her to retain her human form as often as possible. The females in their clan had grown scarce, and he felt this was the best protection he could offer her. So she grew up apart from other members of her race. She thought through another language, spoke spells rather than fire, admired the bodies of men rather than dragons. At night she slept as a dragon, but she dreamed of men. Dreamed, and desired them.

One day she got her desire. A nephew of the king became enamored of Maleficent’s mystery, of her full-bodied laugh. He taught her the hard way how human joining was conducted. He left her before dawn. For months, Maleficent retreated into dragon form. She breathed fire, hunted mercilessly, and stayed in the shadows. She began to hate the sight of her heartbeat. It was the source of her misery, of the blood he’d spilt from her.

Her parents watched as her scales darkened, and worried.

Finally, she’d managed it. She’d stopped her heart. Stopped thinking about him. The day Maleficent resumed her human form was the last her parents ever saw her. The last time she flew before the day of her death. The day her scales were completely black.

But she still lusted after them. Her heart was stopped, but her blood ran hotter than ever. She took lovers by hypnotizing, by seducing, by coercing. But sometimes she dreams of her first, of her only love. His son had inherited the crown. But it was his grandson, Prince Phillip, who would grow to resemble him. Prince Phillip’s fiance Maleficent is determined to kill. She waits for her invitation to the girl’s christening and plots.

As she had been denied her prince, a kingdom would lose its princess. Without knowing it, she begins breathing fire when she sleeps. A dragon’s revenge is never served cold.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Anonymous
    Apr 05, 2012 @ 18:13:38

    Sexy and striking. I love it.


  2. Kathy Hughes
    Apr 05, 2012 @ 18:17:37

    Sexy and striking. Love it.


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