…a Shrubbery!

Sudden thought on Rapunzel:

It’s an environmental message!  If only the earth around her tower were properly cared for, and people weren’t cutting all the trees down, she’d really be able to get in and out all on her own.  The more the earth is ravished and the plants taken out of the picture, the more we each become stuck in our own separate planes, with our individual, unconnected resources being the only ones we can really count on.  To keep from being stuck in the tower ourselves, or worse-the evil witch placing the next generation in those isolated, modern towers with only superficial things to experience instead of the natural world-we need to watch our step.  Spare the trees, save Rapunzel!  Bring her…a shrubbery!  And then you must bring her…ANOTHER SHRUBBERY!  You can put it there beside the other shrubbery, only slightly higher, so you get the two-level effect…The Rapunzel who says Nii!  (And then some prince will come along and confront her with “it” and then she’ll become the Rapunzel who says Ecky-Ecky-ecky-patang!  Whoo-wong!  Wabee ((or similar.))  You know, this didn’t seem to have these sexual connotations in my head, when I started.  Ah well, I never could resist continuing a metaphor.)  But the point is, there’s no way for her, no matter what she’s saying, to come down and enjoy life on earth unless there is proper foliage.


Environmentalism, people!  Do it for Rapunzel!  And all the ones who say Ni!  (Which in my head are now: all environmentalists.  It should totally become a Thing that whenever an environmental topic is being promoted, the promoter ends with “Ni!”  Even the politicians.  World, make it happen.  And then bring me…a SHRUBBERY!)


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Anonymous
    Apr 05, 2012 @ 18:07:32

    I will bring you….a BONSAI TREE! and some cherries. Second the Ni!


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