Famous sites as dresses – Imgur

Famous sites as dresses – Imgur.


I love this idea!  There should also be hats and shoes for them, I feel.

-Google could have a rakish angled thing with one of those short nettish things hanging down to the neck.  The pattern in the netting would be little white magnifying glasses.

-Youtube should have a big, fluffy wrap and long gloves.

-The wikipedia outfit should come with a little Mary Tudor era cap like this: http://www.artfire.com/ext/shop/product_view/tartx/1922672/queen_mary_tudor_of_england_bottle_cap_necklace_tartx/handmade/jewelry/necklaces.

-I want msn to come with those lovely brocaded slippers with the very small heel or really tall, incredibly strappy heels.  Also, with butterfly combs for the hair.

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