The Grand Sophy

The Grand Sophy

By: Georgette Heyer


Harlequin 1950

An historical fiction romance review


When fate (and family) toss a monkey, a terrier, and a parrot at your household and the girl who brought them still causes the most havoc, she must be The Grand Sophy.  Accustomed to running her father’s house and being left to her own affairs, Sophy believes that a little resolution is all that’s needed to solve everyone’s problems.  When she puts her powers of resolve, observation, and charm to the task of managing her cousins’ difficulties not a lot goes smoothly.  From illegal debts to romantic kerfuffles, nothing can daunt Miss Sophy Stanton-Lacy.  On the other hand, Sophy’s tactics daunt her acquaintance and infuriate her eldest cousin Charles.

Heyer’s twists and endearingly flawed characterizations keep readers surprised and entertained.  Facing the world through Sophy’s eyes makes obstacles moot and conventions easily manipulated.  Quick tempers add drama and a galloping pace to this family story.  The mistress of meddling, The Grand Sophy brings the regency era to life in a whole new light, and her own story to a rollicking finish that’ll leave you wanting more.  No matter who tells her what to do, or what her temper demands, this is one heroine who isn’t about to let it get her down, or allow her readers to put down this book.

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