Modern “May Queen”


She stands for Youth;

-the May of the pure, to protect them and lead them.

She gives the world music;

Queen of singing,  Lullabye for a diadem.

The symbol of newness,

for all that must change-

shooting fertile gold arrows

into minds within range.



May overcomes fire,

brings creatures through snares.

It knows the evil spirits,

created what you see there.

The May Queen’s for trying,

for knowing your luck.

May odds be ever in your favor,

or you’re stuck.



The May Queen gathers blossoms,

accepts beauty comes from others.

A-Maying in the woods,

the art of love becomes her covers.

Her kisses are sweet,

that frolic and play.

To heal us to summer

and take pain away.



Her flowers she shields,

the primrose and blooms.

But it’s the roots we need now,

to lead the May dance from doom.

The May Queen comes upon our May Day

Each maiden is new, but has much to say.

Each coming summer there is a new Queen.

And this year we’ve reaped Katniss Everdeen.



The new May Queen is woodsy and young,

but is this where the dancing is done?

No, though shadows cling to Queen Katniss,

they show that all things can still end with a kiss.

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