The Borgia Bulletin (Choice Spoilers)

This episode is indeed a choice entree!  Or rather, it took pieces of choice foods, and desserts, and savory bites, and threw them all together in a kind of gourmet sandwich.  So many things happen, most of them without the ties or thematic thrust that usually encompasses this show’s plots.


-Over here the dark-robed priests are still trying to be Obi Wan and work up the Borgias as the Sith Lords.  And yeah, they found some young guy to be their Luke (with similar hair even, methinks), but do we really want to see people trying to be Obi Wan?  No, we want them to be succeeding or dying, and they’re just taking forever about it.  Definitely the stalest part of the palate, and no tastier than bread.


-Inside there, the trio of ladies: Giulia, Vanozza, and Lucrezia, are visiting the brothels, where there’s surprisingly little sex compared to the rest of the episode.  There are cardinals instead, which…really, no one’s surprised.  There’s meat on the bone here, but it’ll need another episode to carve it into something ready to eat.  The only new information is that they know as well as the Godfather how to make an offer that can’t be refused.  I’m sure that corresponding heads will be cut off.


-Back in the main plot, Cesare is facing off with Catherina Sforza.  This is apparently “the choice” of the title, but it really shouldn’t be.  Everyone knows how it’ll go down, just like the madam’s choice of an offer she can’t refuse, and the friars’ choices about death that all lead to the same thing-death, and therefore are not really choices.  We are, however, treated to Cesare’s choice ass in these scenes, so there’s that.  So, I suppose the main thing here is the show’s makers finally choosing to show it to us again.  Tasty.


– Michiletto has a mother!  A home city-sure, an actual home where his mother WIPES HIS HANDS FOR HIM is quite another thing!  Its sweetness needs no words.  And then he is gay, and juicy, and indulging it with someone who may or may not be his brother on the grave of the father Michiletto killed, and it’s easy to see there is clearly a dearth of choices for him to be happy.  Why is this thing called ‘the choice’ again?


Aha!  It’s because Cesare decides to STAB GIOVANNI SFORZA TO DEATH.  An excellent choice.  That spiciness hit the spot, thank you!


However, this is juxtaposed with lightning falling in on St. Peter’s and killing small children, while making Pope Roderigo soulful and upset.  There are real choices here, too.  Roderigo chooses to risk his life saving children and atone through fasting in order to prevent further calamities.  The other Cardinals, etc. choose to stand around on the steps being useless.  Jeremy Irons performs brilliantly, and the festival of different tastes in this episode is complete. Did they go together?  Not really so much.  Are they explosive, and excellent, and memorable in your mouth?  Definitely.


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