“Once Upon a Time” Apple Red as Blood

Lessons learned (spoilers):

1. It’s okay to give up on everyone and everything you’re supposed to love, so long as you’re dying.

2. Always leave everything up to the kid.

3. It’s okay to kill people that aren’t important and/or You can kill whoever you want so long as it’s not out of revenge.

4. Fairy dust equates to bombs.  I want the Blue Fairy imprisoned somewhere now.

5. If you’ve lived your life hopping through realms via hats, you can apparently hop anywhere you want in just one world without being harmed, as well.

6. When you’ve been through the experience of being framed for murder, your claws naturally come out.  I think it was just that and the fact that she’d begun to feel so close to Emma, and therefore so betrayed at her absence, that made Snow yell about Emma’s dash, not the curse weakening.

7. If there’s pastry involved, there’s no need to worry about persuading people who should know better to eat it.  Much easier than with something healthier like fruit.

8. Either Snow’s personal sense of guilt at causing Daniel to leave was ridiculously strong, or she willingly abetted the disregard of the Queen in favor of celebrating Snow White that took place in Leopold’s castle.  I’m willing to bet this is it-she knew she was coming between them, she knew her presence and relationship with her father made Regina lonely and unhappy, but she encouraged and reveled in it anyway.  Thus, she could be unaware of Daniel’s dire fate, but still feel herself the justified target of Regina’s wrath because she technically caused the marriage of her to her father, and then more importantly played an active role in keeping that marriage unhappy.  Or at least, that’s what I’m going to believe. (Also, this way it can also have to do with the fact that Snow was considered prettier by her father, thus making the pilot’s claim that Regina poisoned an apple because she thought Snow was prettier still have some relevance.)

9. Killing Emma kills the curse.  If they do one of the things where she’s technically dead for a few minutes so the curse breaks and then wakes up again, I will cut things.

10. If you have true love in Fairy Tale Land, apparently you have a kind of visceral-epathy where you can feel magical things inflicted on your partner.  This is intriguing.  I want this to be a kind of rule that’s useful instead of just cheesy, but do not have high hopes.

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