“Life by Map”

I’ll make the map.

-Look, I am here

With the world all around

Etched far, drawn near.

-But what compass can point to my quest?


I found the road.

-It’s small, but neat

With the right sort of winding,

And straightness on the sheet.

-If I start there I’ll find somewhere to rest.


If I take this step,

-Of setting up and out,

Then decision’s over

I’ll be stuck on just one route.

-Switching paths is ‘lost’ in the forest.


I thought I did go journey

-I got here somehow, right?

I can see the signposts now,

I must have traveled all night.

-So why does that travel seem guessed?


I don’t see where I’ve been.

-Why isn’t it on the map?

I could swear I’ve done something,

Gone somewhere, at least on a lap.

-Why doesn’t this key show those tests?


I’m trying to take a journey

-I’m sure that there’s a way.

I’ve got maps and courage,

There’s no reason for me to stay.

-But everywhere I go the roads are just pests!


I’ve seen some scenes

-both lovely and grim.

I’ve lived with different people,

Have seen the ocean’s rim.

-Why am I still starting, a novice at best?


I feel I’ve seen that map

-before, and it is strange.

I think it looked different

Was there a mountain range?

-Perhaps I traveled far to here, the map won’t divest.


I’ve got my map

-though it doesn’t seem to guide.

It doesn’t get me anywhere,

Or remember where I tide.

-How can I end my ramble without knowing where I’m best?


I’m looking at a map

-but I can’t see where I go.

If it won’t tell me what I’ve done

What’s left for me to know?

-If I must begin again, I have just one request.


May I put away this map?

-Stop searching for my track?

If my feet could just ramble forth

They might find what I lack.

-Or it could be just a step, or detour, on my quest.


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