Les Miserables Trailer

Les Miserables Trailer Breaks Your Heart With Musical-Drama Beauty – CinemaBlend.com.


I have strong feelings about this rendition, none of which are settling anywhere in particular by actually seeing something instead of just hearing names.  What I do know is that I approve of this director, so that generally makes up for a lot in these movies.  I’m not a fan of Anne Hathaway, but…the song seems better than I anticipated?  I actually am most excited about Russell Crowe as Javert.  In spite of having seen multiple versions of this-onstage musical by real companies and non-musical movies-I never really cared much for that character.  So, maybe Crowe won’t sing it as well-I’ve heard the songs sung awesomely and still been mostly indifferent.  If Russell Crowe can make me actually get on-or at least truly understand, finally-the sensation that others find Javert, than I will be very happy.  So, in short-I anticipate good things from him.  Hugh Jackman…was not really in here very much.  I reserve judgment.  I’m ecstatic about Helena Bonham-Carter as Mrs. Thernardier!  As for the rest, I am just so pleased that finally a movie will be the musical!  It is definitely on my Must See List.

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