“I bloom”

I bloom.

One petal of the blue

set round the face of

this fair flower.

We’re a set with different hues,

but we’re matching on the

stem of our power.


Seems high from the ground when

one of us falls

Wisping to the ground with a swish

and a sway.

I say goodbye as I watch the sun,

but it galls.

Now others drift down-out bloom’s loose

but I stay.


Now the wind blows and my others free

in a shower.

I hang more alone, less beautiful,

hour after hour.

Am I still a part of blossom’s look?

Or am I on my own now, a separate piece



Once I sat in a family, one blue in others round.

Soon I’ll be the only one up here,

seeing others on the ground.


Does the sun see me as the part I once felt?

Just a little late, as it sets out to the west?

Do I seem my own, my bloom just the start I was dealt?

I’m a little petal blue, am I worthy, blooming, my guest?


You won’t pick me, with my others on the grass.

Won’t breathe me in as the sun goes down.

Here comes a breeze-perhaps I’ll go at last,

Swept off like the others-

maybe then I’ll be my own.


I’m a little blue petal, clinging to a stem.

But when I leave, I’ll fly like me, not them.

Once in a flower fair I hung as just one hue.

Now, here, upon the wind, I’m whole with just my blue.

I bloom.

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