The King Stag (The John Swale Chronicles)

The King Stag (The John Swale Chronicles #2)
By: David Pilling
Musa Publishing 2012
an historical fiction review


The King Stag comes as a dramatic one-act play following the detailed plots that schemed through Folville’s Law.  It’s been four years since Isabella and Mortimer invaded England.  Now Edward III has decided to wrest the absolute power that should be his into his grasp.  However, The King Stag needs more than a coup to assert his kingship, particularly when other royals enter the picture.

This sequel effectively uses Edward III to push readers forward in time and tie up loose ends.  A very brief work, it resets the stage for the next long interlude without losing excitement or momentum.  By pulling the audience away from personal points of view, this work acts as a teaser trailer by touching on the intimate and emotional aspects of the characters without delving into them.  It’s a well-written advertisement that will keep readers reaching for the series.


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