“Pandora and the Pea”

“Pandora and the Pea”


Unsettling hope, even small as a pea,

No matter how much you smother,

Always wins and keeps you awake,

When what you want is there to see.


Say “I am no princess”

as much as you want,

It won’t budge or be buried enough,

Going to bed is just useless.


It insists that it can come true,

No matter how farfetched or far-off.

That little wish can change the whole frame,

Making lumps around you.


You thought you’d climbed so high,

Done well for yourself, rightly so.

But that pestering pea of a thought

Can drag you down from the sky.


Piled on feats feel shaky and rough,

That pillow of confidence thins,

Compared to the voice that whispers and nags,

“Without me, you have nothing but fluff!”


That damned hopeful pea,

Even small as a gnat,

Isn’t letting me sleep,

Won’t let me think free-


All I can do when Pandora’s gift comes,

Is think of that dream

And of what day could bring,

And lie awake twiddling my thumbs.


True royal or not,

I’m sorry to say-

That pea will be felt

All through the next day.




2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Anonymous
    Aug 14, 2012 @ 13:34:13

    Thank you so much for this poem – it just made me cry, I love it so much. Feels SO TRUE. I’m going to remember it 🙂


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