“The North Remembers” GoT 2×1

Well, I must say that I enjoyed this episode very much!  Perhaps simply because everything is actually in motion or simply that I enjoy people who know how to give me a lot of information without making it seem like that.  I hope this season continues this concise.


1. I am impressed by Sansa’s recovery in front of Joffrey!  One wonders how long anybody could really survive being Joffrey’s jester, though.  After all, all the most obvious sources for jokes will definitely be off-limits.

2. I understand that you can’t actually show Daenerys’ group using anything akin to parasols or something or it’ll give totally the wrong look-like British imperials or similar.  However…guys, you do have fabric, it seems.  Make some shade.

3. Ah, Stannis, we meet at last!  You’re…not at all what I expected.  I actually think this guy should be in charge of stuff.  He’d make the trains run on time, his libraries would be managed impeccably, and he would never be a negligent ruler.  The use of religious fanaticism is interesting.  It is not yet clear to me whether he is just using it for his will, if he believes it, or if he simply finds the priestess to be one hell of an ally.  I am willing to go along, though worried that he is by far the less charismatic partner.  I see it starting and continuing well, but I do not see a way for this to end well.  Particularly if he continues this inflexible.  If he wants to talk inflexible that’s fine, but then you let your advisor types actually make some compromises for you-that’s how it works.  He…doesn’t seem to have managed that last part.

4. Robb Stark wins the most respect of the night for the best comeback.  “Don’t like being called a boy?  Insulted?”  “You insult yourself.  You were defeated by a boy.”  And so on.  Perfect.  On the other hand, you never, ever say things like, “We’ll all be together again soon.  I promise.”  Never.

5. Lady Stark, you cannot play at war and then decide to just go home whenever.  This situation gravely disappoints me.   I’m with you on not trusting any Greyjoy words I’ve seen so far, though.

6. Cersei tried for  the best comeback too with Baelish, but while fun, her line was exceedingly predictable.  Also, what the hell, Cersei?  I was under the impression you’d secretly told Joffrey everything he needed to know to be your king.  You know, so the next king wouldn’t be one you had to hide your sexual appetites from and he’d have no reason to suddenly turn on you or make you slap him.  This greatly lowers my respect for you-I thought you planned ahead and were creepy Lannister partners and it turns out you just assumed being ‘mother’ would be enough.  Never assume these things!

7. Baby bastard killing!  How traditional.

8. Ah, both the people the Lannisters now need to find so badly, making it easy by sticking together.  Sad.

9. Oh!  Also, I really love Joffrey’s antler crown.

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