Doctor Who “Asylum of the Daleks”

Okay, here’s the thing: ( SPOILERS)


If Oswin is brought back to be a companion, as it seems she undoubtedly will, how can that not cheapen the primary effect of this episode?  I loved her, I love the idea of seeing more of her, the actress did things brilliantly, but-my favorite part was definitely the depth and impact of the not-totally-surprising twist.  If that is going to be taken away then I lose my favorite thing about this episode.  It leaves me very confused.  If it weren’t for knowing she’d be brought back I’d at least know for sure that I loved this episode, until the actress returns, at any rate.  Please, guys, don’t ruin this!


Also, this episode is the first time I have been fully on-board with Matt Smith as the Doctor.  My main complaint about him was always that he seemed too young-the doctors I’d seen before him all shared a feeling of age, of bitterness, of a certain bright and brilliant-edged despair, that Smith always lacked.  Until now.  For that, I applaud him.


So, how did Oswin manage to broadcast Carmen music?  Does she just remember it that well?  It’s clearly established that she’s got the willpower to push her thoughts to override the dalek mindwaves, but this seemed to be broadcast outside of that only.  How did that work?  If you happen to have been fitted into a personal-machine can you just morph yourself a music player if you wish hard enough?


Now, onto the other thing: no matter how noble Amy was deciding to be about giving Rory up, how do we believe that Rory would actually go?  As the man says, 2,000 YEARS WAITING OUTSIDE A BOX.  He’s supposed to just go because she’s throwing a fit at him (which to be honest has happened before and never driven him off), without even finding out the reason?  Because it seems like he just didn’t know why.  If Amy told him a lie about why she wanted him gone, it should’ve come up in there, yet none did.  It’s clear she hadn’t told him the real reason before.  We’re supposed to believe Rory just left  Amy Pond without even a good reason after all that other shit and jealousy and actual potential reasons for leaving her that he’s weathered before???  And not only left, but conceded to, even advocated, a divorce?  WITHOUT EVEN GETTING A REASON?  I know I don’t.  Two thousand years, guys.  Waiting.  Outside a box.  Rory Williams does. not. leave.  Besides, indomitable Amy Pond would’ve come up with something to tell him-or at least throw at him, so he thought he knew why.  That absent cover-reason just throws off the whole thing.  Cover-reasons, Moffat!  Tell me you at least had one and just cut it for time.




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