Doctor Who “Dinosaurs on a Spaceship”



I find the idea of clapping together gangs instead of taking on regular companions he’ll later be guilty about to be an excellent therapy idea for the Doctor.  On the other hand, I got the feeling that this week the ‘gang’ was more to create a buffer between him and Nefertiti-which would also explain why he just happened to pick up a big game hunter before knowing there’d be dinosaurs up there.   He was setting them up.


Matt Smith basically carried this episode on enthusiasm alone.  I give Rory and his dad props for matching his intensity, but let’s face it-take out that boyish appeal and suddenly the episode is just sad.  The writing was just weak.  There WERE a lot of sad things happening here-they just didn’t give the audience the chance to really absorb it.  Look at the triceratops instead!  Triceratops were always my favorite dinosaur, but that’s no reason to get more hit over the head with one of them dying than the murder of a whole race by a single man.  One wonders why they were all apparently in stasis.  They needed pilots, yes?  Perhaps they should have brought Silurian attack dogs along, as well.  After all, they did seem to have salvaged spiders…


Argus Filch!  THIS is what happens to a squib constantly facing up to magic-he gets himself killer robots and feels no remorse about committing genocide.  At least when he doesn’t have a cat-the cat is totally his saving grace.  If Filch had toys instead of a cat, this is totally who he’d be.  I’m going to say the moniker ‘Solomon’ was the childhood hero of Filch who could magic everything Filch wished he could perfectly, but who treated Filch with total disdain and got him to do things like bake scones for him.


On another note, I for one was incredibly happy when the Doctor just killed him.  I often bemoan the days when heroes just killed people who clearly needed killing for the good of all without having a huge discourse about it, and now the Doctor has joined their ranks!  I am reassured.


Am I the only one who thought the cheap robots were just that: purveyor of cheap shots and corny, overdone jokes?  I did not find them amusing.  They’re like cotton candy-they look like great ideas and are fun to buy once, but then they just make weird noises and taste like nothing.  (Yes, I dislike cotton candy.)


Nefertiti…I’m sorry, but she was an action figure doll of herself here instead of actually awesome.  I really wanted to love her so much more than I did.  Amy’s fangirling of her tickled my squee-muscles, though.  Amy’s talk of being a ‘queen’ was possibly the most amusing thing for me.


I have reached a decision: I’m gonna give a pass to Doctor-Who-as-movies because they have good aspects to them, and apparently are going to be kindof mindless breaktime from work sometimes if they’re like this one.  But I do not approve of the change for long.  Doctor Who is an excellent TV show.  As a string of movies it is missing things, trying to cram too much in, neglecting to satisfyingly connect (I mean Oswin to this episode?  Really?  This is not a good emotional arch for viewing it as a series).  This is a new style-I’ll take it once a week.  But this is not real southern-fried biscuits of story or fun.

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