Doctor Who “A Town Called Mercy”

Take an old western setting, throw the Doctor and Ponds in there, stir in about every moral cliche you can possibly jam in a gun holster and stetson, jumbled together so they don’t really make sense in the same space, at least not in that order, wonder if the writer really thinks he’s making commentary about today cause it seems like he’s trying, and end with an explosion (just like every episode this season).  Oh-also, frame the thing with the most filler-esque, excuse-for-focusing-on-the-typical-small-girl-child voiceover narrative ever.

The end.  Though my interest ended before that.


Also, are they going to just kill off the most likeable character in the middle like that every week now?  It felt like Isaac was a stand-in for triceratops.  By that point I was ready to move on.


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