Downton Abbey 3×8

See, this is the kind of thing I like-a lovely dramatic show with lessons for life!


Lessons (and spoilers):

1. Doing well at cricket is the solution to ALL PROBLEMS.  If you’re a man.  And probably if you’re a woman, but mainly manly men with smiley teeth to match their white uniforms-that’s the main point.

2. If only Jane Eyre had a little technology to check up on that Rochester!

3. All young girls named Rose in this era are destined to gallivant with unsuitable males.  I was disappointed when this one’s name wasn’t Jack.

4. Children who don’t grow up in large families are miserable.

5. Investments are dumb.

6. It is impossible to keep secrets from grandmothers.  Or dowager countesses.  Or Maggie Smith.

7. Lying is totally fine if it’s for a “good cause”-like helping the cricket team!  Or getting yourself a promotion.  Or to protect your own secrets.  (Yeah, the number of people actually in it for something that was actually a good cause is far exceeded by those just mucking around for their own interests.)

8. Overly tall footmen will never be happy, ever.  Even if they’re the butler’s favorite.


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