Everyday, that’s who I know-

the girl safe in the castle,

working hard so she’ll grow.


This sun-girl out here,

this free spirit’s smirk,

is a secret strong walls force to just lurk.


Surely I should be moving, doing, improving,

Not sitting as still as this frog in the murk.

Yet, certain parts of me feel-this could work.


Just letting go under a fresh-wheeling sky,

feeling myself feel, without rules or why,

Saying those things which trying makes shy.


Just lit it out, catch whatever may go by,

like a green frog with his croaks and tongueful of fly.

Just to be happy, not burdened or a shirk…


Because jobs are important, and studying, too

And most of all, holding onto myself and you.

But sometimes that frog-girl just seems to come through.


With laughter, healing, and forgetting it all

for the happiness of frogs and joys golden ball,

but its halo flicks out-I fear it’s just a stall.


Life is more complex than frogs’ on lilypads,

with vexes, pain, needs-and those who leave you.

So I run inside, where stones keep safe, still, true.


Frogs don’t belong here, reminding tastes so good.

I’m spending time noticing more dishes than I should,

for my plate’s already full-it’s too late to savor it all.


Frog-content, I imagine time free and golden as a ball,

But still it nags, there isn’t time, I’ve other things I should.

I turn to bed with my guilt plain, my low worth understood.


Restless dreams come dark, berating rest’s gold-

for fleeting flies, my castle and musts have been sold,

all for a day in the life of a frog.


I cast out its green, its dragging slime,

Keeping me from making my goal-ending climb-

Be the girl who won’t get lost in lifetime’s bog.


But then someone laughs with me,

gently leads my mind away.

Healing burns golden and spins bright the dawn,

this sanctuary is sacred, not the realm of spawn.

Life’s more than the puzzles of struggle you see,

when the voices still and the frog becomes free.


I let loose the laws, my dreams, fears, and guilt-

Now I remember, I’m much more than I built.

So I gather my walls, and I kiss them goodbye.

All’s gold and clear. (-with only one fly…)




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