‘Lost Girl’ Season 4 predictions

Obviously, spoilers for seasons 1-3 may happen.


1. Lauren’s disappearance is clearly connected to Aife.  I’m betting Aife either was actually still too weak to move without help or is acting like it and Lauren took her away.  They will develop a partnership and be the detectives who go after those in the Wanderer’s power.  It’ll be awesome.

2. Kenzi WILL become fae in a moment of desire, have a few episodes with it (where she shows off and gets in messes with Vex and Hale), but then realize it was a mistake.  Lauren will reappear and reverse her last operation to de-fae Kenzi.  Hopefully before the end of the season.

3. Kenzi will show off her original fae powers by saving  Hale’s ass from something.  Perhaps in the de-faeing process Lauren will give the fae marrow to Tamsin, so her life can be prolonged as a fae-hybrid and she will have the power to break free of her contacts.

4.   Bo and Tamsin will have a fling, but it’ll never get very far.

5. Bo will eventually knuckle under and start to think going along with her dad’s plan for domination is a good one, and then rehumanized Kenzi will click everything back into place and her awesomeness will save everything, including Bo’s sanity.

6. Dad will then leave in disappointment, but will nevertheless resurrect either Dyson or Kenzi.

7. After Kenzi realizes she can’t be more than friends with Hale, he will siren-call her next-door-loverboy back to her, now in no danger that cannot be handled and with no rules from higher up fae not to tell them because they have already fallen or joined together as one.


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