‘Lost Girl’ The Wanderer

I have picked up on the clues that Bo’s daddy might be Odin, and I’m not saying I really think that it won’t be him, but…I have also picked up on something else:

-What we have here is an extremely powerful magician (as evidenced by his shifting powers, his use of tarot card appearances, Aife’s certainty that he could school anyone successfully torturing and murdering fae, and the Druid’s obvious respect for him) who enjoys sexual congress with a powerful woman but then was thwarted by her, can spirit people where he wants them to be, is clearly attempting to be a queenmaker, and has been waiting for a child to grow up, and then immediately wants to be by her side and dominating behind the scenes.  Who does that sound like?

a) Merlin, the greatest sorcerer ever known, whose lust makes him fall for a powerful woman, but then is tricked by her.  His most famous stories are about spiriting Uther to his coveted Ygraine and about finding the chosen child as soon as it’s grown up enough to be trained and then to make him king.

b) Moreover, while lore tells us Odin resurrected himself, he failed to bring back even his beloved son Baldur from Helheim.  Merlin, on the other hand, is the steward of King Arthur, who is believed to either already be resurrected in another realm to then return, or that he will be resurrected on earth one day.  Often, his knights are also said to be due for resurrection with him.  Hence, Merlin holds a clear claim to superior resurrection powers.

c) Also, everyone talks about Tamsin’s connection with The Wanderer like it’s a new, dark thing that she fell into because she was weak.  If she was simply a valkyrie serving Odin, that would be natural, right, and expected.

So, that’s my two cents.


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