Arrested Development 4×6, “Double Crossers”

Attested Development: Flip, flop, flap, SPOILERS.


This episode is where the magic really picked up again for me.  Most of the characters managed to appear and actually had time to interact.  Isla Fisher began a comedic gag that works.  Herbert Love pulls his weight as a guest star (and the video titles on his webpage are hilarious).  The pacing felt like the Arrested Development of yore and the tone felt wittier and sharper to match.  It helped that subjects from the previous series were revisited with a new twist: treason, the Bluths’ relationship with Mexico, sexual issues (although with George rather than Gob), Lucille thinking anything that can possibly be insultingly related to her sexuality is…It’s great.  I would actually recommend this to newcomers as the first episode to watch if they are nervous about it, and then have someone or the internet explain things they’ve missed, or just go back and rewatch the earlier episodes with this under their belt.  Plus, gob has finally gotten his bees (BEES!?) and that’s just a perfectly happy ending right there, albeit with the expected problems.  I am pleased.



1. I love the “Kids Klub” at the colony!

2. The sign saying Mr. Mister reminds me pleasantly of “Mr. Manager”, as does the “Mr. President”s.

3. Jeffrey Tambor is having a ball with the cross-dressing.

4. So now all the corners in that model house are bent, due to Gob trying to open Mike’s hard lemonades.

5. Where do we suppose George got his new wardrobe?  They were just in the trailer from one of the new sidekicks?  He went shopping?  They were Tracy’s in the attic and he took them with him because they’re his comfort-clothes now?

6. Interesting how George seems like himself again after interacting with Michael a little bit.

7. George IS always the one who makes off with wigs, eh?

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