Arrested Development 4×7, “Colony Collapse”

Attested Development: Can’t Getaway from the SPOILERS.


This is the return of Gob, resurrecting his life from the consummation of his relationship with Ann, and removing all doubts that he’s been filled with holes (in his memory), died (to his entourage), and come back to his father.  Will Arnett sells everything he does brilliantly.  The only problem is that sometimes no one told him when to stop selling-like with stammering shticks and the reel about forget-me-nows.  Properly edited, this episode would have been perfect.  As it is, it’s a bit long, but still plants it right on the Ann.  Gob’s wedding ends even worse than his previous magicapades, his entourage stint is actually believable, and Gob’s total mental lock on every relationship he thinks he’s in means that it matters a looot less whether he actually has good characters to interact with or not-he’s got relationship dynamics all by himself.  On top of which, he now has a magic-related quest: That’s a clear-cut situation with the promise of comedy.  Whereas most of the other characters are dealing with more difficult situations without easy answers.



1. Gob does have a knack for finding girlfriends who can get him on TV shows, doesn’t he?

2. MICE-alaneous is actually a charming name, and it is reassuringly consistent that all of Gob’s magic animals share the same fate.  Who wants to bet the mice get eaten by a seal in a yellow bowtie?

3. I love the giant HER?

4. This is the second marriage Gob’s had without anyone paying attention.

5. Who do we suppose really sabotaged Gob’s magic trick?


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