Arrested Development 4×9, ‘Smashed’

Attested Development: Sobriety is the most important thing-but we’ll see how good the SPOILERS are.


So, this is the episode that teaches things.  Things I’ve learned are:

1. Apparently all therapists really want to be in theater.

2. Hell is almost frozen over, for Tobias has learned NOT TO SAY “ANALRAPIST”-???

3. No wonder Emmett Richter wouldn’t let TV show its face-he’d be forced to horde all the pictures and souvenirs he could get his hands on from it and he clearly doesn’t have the room for that, what with all the fancy fake flowers lining his home.

4. The best way to brush off meetings is to make them a hat-on-haircut meeting.

5. Now even Tobias is more aware than Michael.

6. Tobias is much more successful at family interaction without Lindsay.  Huh.

7. Everything I do can also be described as choreographing.

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