Maurice Sendak’s 85th Birthday

Today is a tribute to Sendak and a celebration of his works, in spite of the fact that he never reached this birthday.  It’s happening as a Google Doodle, but I wanted to add my personal tribute.


“The Wild is Yours”


Stomp those feet,

The wild is yours-

The dough will rise

And the fierce roars are beaten

-Let the cakes and sandwiches be eaten.


Milk like a sheet,

A party of snores-

The yonder will come

And your new age be reached

-Wherever your personal boat was beached.


Baby the old moon,

Feel the soup steam hot-

Comfort food’s best of all

It gives you pop! For when things get higgelty

-For lions, or boys, or a bumbling piggelty.


Wild stares end soon,

Chefs stir Night’s pot-

It’s a piece of cake to fall

But nothing escapes the maker’s batter

-Shape up what’s left til nothing’s the matter!


There’s more to age

Than when you left it-

Or the rumpus you ruled it

There’s more than nothing when you go

-You still fill us up, we love you so!


Lines pop! on page

Dream kitchens stay lit-

The king of the gone things comes for a visit

And stays for a year and a day in one night

-We promise, we swear, you won’t lose in the light!


I’m in the gone

And the gone’s in me-

And just as wild as he used to be

There’s more to life than having everything

-There’s also the gone things, the wild, and kings!


(My poem on Sendak’s death is here:


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