Into The W…hat?


Anna Kendrick and musical nerds geek out on set of Into The Woods|Lainey Gossip Entertainment Update

Anna Kendrick and musical nerds geek out on set of Into The Woods|Lainey Gossip Entertainment Update.


The link has a lot more pictures of the upcoming movie version of the best musical of all time: Into the Woods.  They fill me with trepidation.


For 1) I have just never been on board with a lot of the casting for this film and seeing them in costume does nothing to allay those fears.

2) WHY is there so much dullness??  This is a story about colorful characters with colorful journeys, half of which have a lot of money and a care for their clothes.  Dullness is just nonsense.

3) Putting extreme cutouts in this style of clothing feels…sarcastic, almost.  Edgy.  Into the Woods is all about heart, and these hints of sarcasm and not-taking-it-seriously seem all wrong.  Fun differences from a historical style is one thing-musicals are fun, yes, but…this level of get-up with that level of slashing just feels wrong, like they’re going for something too off-kilter or self-aware.  Into the Woods should not be self-aware, it should be all-encompassingly absorbing and filled with truth.  It bothers me.

4) In this scene, which is clearly where they are confronting the giant….Why on Earth are there so many symbols of law and order?  There’s no law and order in the facing of the giant!  In fact, that’s all about the Exact Opposite of that.  Just no.

5) Plus, there seem to be people who should not be present there.  And lacking people who should be.  It’s disturbing.

6) In all of these pictures, there’s a lot of big scenery which is clearly carefully picked…and NOWHERE do I see anything resembling even the start of any woods.  Where are the woods, people?  Even the castle-folk are surrounded by and susceptible to the woods for this to work, why is this palace not amongst some trees?


*Holds onto glasses*  I’m afraid, people.  Very afraid.  Aren’t you?  They better be careful with my musical….


Careful the tale you tell, that is the spell….




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