‘Lost Girl’ The Wanderer

I have picked up on the clues that Bo’s daddy might be Odin, and I’m not saying I really think that it won’t be him, but…I have also picked up on something else:

-What we have here is an extremely powerful magician (as evidenced by his shifting powers, his use of tarot card appearances, Aife’s certainty that he could school anyone successfully torturing and murdering fae, and the Druid’s obvious respect for him) who enjoys sexual congress with a powerful woman but then was thwarted by her, can spirit people where he wants them to be, is clearly attempting to be a queenmaker, and has been waiting for a child to grow up, and then immediately wants to be by her side and dominating behind the scenes.  Who does that sound like?

a) Merlin, the greatest sorcerer ever known, whose lust makes him fall for a powerful woman, but then is tricked by her.  His most famous stories are about spiriting Uther to his coveted Ygraine and about finding the chosen child as soon as it’s grown up enough to be trained and then to make him king.

b) Moreover, while lore tells us Odin resurrected himself, he failed to bring back even his beloved son Baldur from Helheim.  Merlin, on the other hand, is the steward of King Arthur, who is believed to either already be resurrected in another realm to then return, or that he will be resurrected on earth one day.  Often, his knights are also said to be due for resurrection with him.  Hence, Merlin holds a clear claim to superior resurrection powers.

c) Also, everyone talks about Tamsin’s connection with The Wanderer like it’s a new, dark thing that she fell into because she was weak.  If she was simply a valkyrie serving Odin, that would be natural, right, and expected.

So, that’s my two cents.


‘Lost Girl’ Season 4 predictions

Obviously, spoilers for seasons 1-3 may happen.


1. Lauren’s disappearance is clearly connected to Aife.  I’m betting Aife either was actually still too weak to move without help or is acting like it and Lauren took her away.  They will develop a partnership and be the detectives who go after those in the Wanderer’s power.  It’ll be awesome.

2. Kenzi WILL become fae in a moment of desire, have a few episodes with it (where she shows off and gets in messes with Vex and Hale), but then realize it was a mistake.  Lauren will reappear and reverse her last operation to de-fae Kenzi.  Hopefully before the end of the season.

3. Kenzi will show off her original fae powers by saving  Hale’s ass from something.  Perhaps in the de-faeing process Lauren will give the fae marrow to Tamsin, so her life can be prolonged as a fae-hybrid and she will have the power to break free of her contacts.

4.   Bo and Tamsin will have a fling, but it’ll never get very far.

5. Bo will eventually knuckle under and start to think going along with her dad’s plan for domination is a good one, and then rehumanized Kenzi will click everything back into place and her awesomeness will save everything, including Bo’s sanity.

6. Dad will then leave in disappointment, but will nevertheless resurrect either Dyson or Kenzi.

7. After Kenzi realizes she can’t be more than friends with Hale, he will siren-call her next-door-loverboy back to her, now in no danger that cannot be handled and with no rules from higher up fae not to tell them because they have already fallen or joined together as one.


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Inner Mermaids, Greek Myths, and a Voice

The Little Mermaid’s link to Greek mythology.

One Rune

Lately I’ve been pondering the similarities between the Little Mermaid and the Greek Lara.


“Lara, (also known as Larunda, Larunde and Mater Larum) was a naiad or a nymph and was the daughter of the river Almo.  She was incapable of keeping secrets, and so revealed to Jupiter‘s wife Juno his affair with Juturna (Lara’s fellow nymph, and the wife of Janus); hence Her name is connected with lalein. For betraying his trust, Jupiter cut out Lara’s tongue and ordered Mercury, the psychopomp, to take Her to Avernus, the gateway to the Underworld and realm of Pluto. Mercury, however, fell in love with Larunda and made love to Her on the way; this act has also been interpreted as a rape. Lara thereby became mother to two children, referred to as the Lares, invisible household gods, who were as silent and speechless as She…

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Rapunzel’s Roots (Fulla)

Lately I’ve felt drawn to contemplate Fulla.  (“Fulla, whose name means ‘Fullness,” “Bounty” or “Plenty.” Fulla is most often described as a handmaiden, possibly sister of the Goddess Frigga. According to the Edda, as Frigga’s Handmaiden, Fulla is entrusted with carrying her casket, looking after Her shoes, and being privy to Her secrets….Fulla might have been viewed as a Goddess of abundance, wealth, prosperity, harvest, and maybe even household management.the gold band Fulla wears round her forehead symbolizes nobility and Her unbound hair indicates Her unmarried status. (Karlsdottir, p. 133). She also speculates that like Sif, Fulla’s long and flowing hair can be viewed as being symbolic of the ripening grain, which would tie nicely into Her role as Habondia, Goddess of the earth’s bounty.”  From: http://krasskova.weebly.com/1/post/2010/11/decembers-deity-of-the-month-fulla-keeper-of-friggas-treasures.html)


The more I think about this quiet goddess, the more she seems to be the matriarchal, powerful version of Rapunzel, before patriarchy decided she needed a prince to save her:

-Firstly, both ladies are recognizable by their long, flowing hair.  This is not as superficial as it might sound as in both cases this hair is a link to the earth, to welcome (through bringing people inside the tower or through working together to bring in the harvest and/or sharing the plenty you have), and to abundant growth.   The difference is that Fulla’s abundance feels free and natural, and belongs wholly to herself, whereas Rapunzel is depicted as needing her plentiful hair for protection and escape, as a conduit to external power.  The symbol’s basically the same, the difference is that one lady is powerful and the other is victimized.


-Secondly, both Fulla and Rapunzel are linked to the earth-Fulla through portraying wheat and nature’s bounty, and Rapunzel through her mother’s need for rampion plants.  Even in this backstory, Fulla brings out the positive and best in nature, symbolizing control and Rapunzel’s life is worsened and controlled by her link to nature.  Yet, both ladies symbolize the fruits of a harvest, their beauty reflects the generous and good parts of nature, and they remind us that all life should be connected to the earth.  One lady is simply denied her authority and agency in portraying this legacy.


-Thirdly, Fulla’s duties center around the space and belongings of her sister Frigga.  Her duties to guard Frigga’s casket and slippers would dictate that Fulla spend much of her time in Frigga’s apartments.  This echoes the relationship of Rapunzel and the witch: she must stay inside a space belonging to the more powerful woman, who has at least an adopted family kinship with the long-haired maiden.  Once again, the similarities are striking but the role of power is completely switched.  Fulla’s position as right-hand lady to Frigga granted her great power and knowledge.  Fulla’s ability to keep secrets and be trusted with important messages is a testament to the wealth of reliance and ability attributed to this goddess.  Most importantly, Fulla keeps by her sister’s things in order to protect them, to support her sister in her power and therefore claim recognition for being partly the source of the abilities of the mistress of Asgard.  It is Fulla in the proactive role, using her agency, and creating even the power technically outside of her and belonging to her sister.

Rapunzel, on the other hand, is shown to be kept within the witch’s confines for her own protection, rather than in order to protect her tower.  Even the versions that show the witch as gaining power from Rapunzel in some form deny Rapunzel agency or power in that dynamic.  So long as the witch is there, Rapunzel cannot have power-she needs to overthrow this other woman.  In Asgard, women knew how to work together to share and build power.  Rapunzel’s story undermines this by denying non-absolute views of authority-it must be oppressor and oppressed.  Moreover, the ability of the maiden to offer protection and plenty is completely reversed.  Rapunzel’s tower has become a symbol of denial, rather than a bastion symbolizing her strength and guarding ability.


-Fourthly and most basically, Fulla the maiden goddess owns her own golden band of nobility.  She needs no prince to ennoble or enrich her, just as she needs no prince to rescue or act for her.  Just because this archetype has been carried off and subjected to male dominance does not mean we need to forget her calm power, reassuring protection, or empowering support.

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Ior “Spinning in the Wheel”

“Spinning in the Wheel”


Thumbelina’s rest and home inside a shell,

The orb that knows woman’s same as swan,

The warriors of legend that shun death at a bell,

The maid who left mer with fins and singing gone,


All learn that boundaries can be crossed,

All know that lines are real

Enough to give reward only when something’s lost,

But its space isn’t empty, but hung like a wheel


With spokes of what the journey teaches,

With yarn think of the secrets you steal

When bending the story your step over reaches,

With blood you’ve spent now ready to heal,


That spinning wheel binds you to one place,

But its twining threads whisper that fates do blend,

There’s a ring spinning where all worlds are one space,

Where wild chases are still and violent passions do mend,

Where inside’s just nature with a shut door,

Where mirrors show present, future, and past,

Where desire is enough and fulfillment no more,

Where the Round Table seats no first or last,

Where Pied Piper’s children found their families in the stone,

Where land and water mingle, separate yet as one,

Where even Peter Pan can give a love full-grown,

And the ever-spinning Fates know ever’s the same as done.


This magic forging apart to same,

This living freedom bears a name.

Circling the earth, it still touches the core,

Strums to harmony, stirs fruition galore,

True fairy tale transformation is bound to lithe Ior.


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Mimir’s Blue Well

“Mimir’s Blue Well”



Pain is the key to Mimir’s blue well,

Where wisdom lies is to bravely let go,

To let the strain trade in to the spell,

Of the well’s master-for what He can show.



The connection trickles from water to face,

What meets the eye darkens if you really know,

Sweet Mimir’s water can flow and erase

To nourish up blossoms and help beauty grow.



With grace, all thanks and honor must show,

Through words that need shaping and spirit to tell:

Where wisdom lies is to let something go,

Like pain, to unlock deep Mimir’s blue well.



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