The First Duel Fought in Hot Air Balloons

British Newspaper Archive Blog » The First Duel Fought in Hot Air Balloons – Paris, 1808.


hot air balloon duel

Salad Quote(a)

Today, in the composer Virgil Thomson’s archive file, I discovered my new favorite quote (and no, it’s not one of his well-known ones):


“There is too much salad in the world,” he said to a waiter at the Ritz.  “And it should not be encouraged.”


If ever I eat at the Ritz, I must think of something equally pithy.  I’ll bet those who work at the Ritz never respond to things like this, except superciliously.  I cherish the idea that their brows go up or they say something along the lines of a suave, “Indeed, sir.”  It’s just begging to be tested.  I’ll bet someone a dinner.