Arrested Development 4×15, ‘Blockheads’

Attested Development: AnonymouSPOILERS


This is a finale masquerading as a show-opener.  It moves rather slowly, spending a lot of time reshowing old clips, which feel particularly long if you’re just holding your breath waiting for some great denouements and are counting the minutes the season has left.  It focuses on one issue more than the other episodes, making the watcher feel that this is a true branching-off point for the show where relationships will evolve and new territory lies unexplored.  “Blockheads” takes us right up to the edge of this bold, new world and then…abruptly punches us in the face.  Because that’s where it stops.  I would have been very happy if this had been the first episode of the series.  As just an episode of a great show, it’s adequate at first and then very exciting as you realize how it will change the tone.  As the finale of this particular, long-awaited season…all I can say is that I’d better get my denouement SOON, GODDAMMIT.



1. Really, Michael, a cactus?  Why is a cactus the present you’re bringing?

2. I really, really want this Rebel-off between the Bluth men to involve SOMEONE wearing a kilt.

3. The Gerard Depardieu jokes are great.

4. Gob is surprisingly resourceful about this whole house-filling venture.  I bet he could come up with some housing cons as good as George used to.

5. How does Lucille2 have so much money if she always supports the failing Bluth Company?  Austerity seems to make money from celebrities, but it’s not like her lifestyle is cheap, plus she’s got plenty of rehab bills for herself.

6. Now that Tom’s a sex-offender it makes his behaviour towards George Michael at the Bluth Christmas parties…different.

7. Guy Fawkes masks….the Richter quintuplets, maybe?

8. Who do you think is responsible for Lucille2’s vanishing act?