Doctor Who “The Power of Three”

Now, THAT was good Doctor Who!  Welcome back!


The intrigue of the plot setup was from a genuinely interesting development that unfolded with the episode instead of being a frivolous construction that’s little more than a frame and doesn’t add much to the storyline.  The use of Amy’s narrative and the Ponds’ home being home base was well done.  All the acting was wonderful and believable.  The humor here has a real range-from situational, to ironic, to sweet, to ridiculous.  The pace kept a good clip instead of getting bogged down in ham-fisted moral discussions.  The use of the title ‘power of three’ was a bit odd, but it didn’t detract from anything.  Similarly, they could’ve been a bit clearer about some of the creepy things hanging around in this episode, but they weren’t actually ignored and everything still fit together well.


My hope in this show is renewed.  I think this one’s superb.  I’ll keep it!