Arrested Development 4×13, ‘It Gets Better’

Attested Development: Overtly SPOILERS


Okay, this episode was difficult for me the first time around.  First of all, I found it difficult to really enjoy George Michael’s new swagger and college exploits while knowing he still ends up trying to do woodblock things into Julliard.  *facepalm*  The characterization just didn’t track for me at all.  Second, the chicken dance was something I’ve been looking forward to All Season Long and then to finally almost get one,  a NEW ONE even, and then just cut him off before he does it???  I am still disgruntled.  Third, the stories coming together and connecting with other episode pieces seems much longer in this one-more reshowing of things like the traffic cancellation calls and the voting thing that just really missed the mark for me.  Fourth, when they said he was just beginning to lie my brain kept going, “But-but!-Lying to Maeby to get her to come back to their fake wedding!  Lying about seeing Les Cousins Dangereux!  Lying about visiting Pop-Pop in prison!  Etc.!”  It’s been long established that George Michael lies his ass off to try and get close to Maeby and it felt disappointingly inconsistent for the show to play it off as new.  Plus, the second the woodblock is heard, the whole joke and tale behind this lie is known to the audience, so it had no surprise value.  These are the reasons I was decidedly Disappointed when I watched this episode.


It does improve on second viewing-I know what I can’t expect to happen and I’m not sitting there going “Why are they showing more old scenes instead of just the tidbit we actually need to connect them-the season is almost OVER and you’ve got THINGS TO DO!”  This time I could relax more into the new things and enjoy the parts that are actually new in this episode: Getting rid of all the old vehicles!  Gob-shirts!  Sexual awakenings, ole!  And these parts that are purely about George Michael’s new adventure, not connecting with any other part of the season, are gold.



1. You never, EVER have a college student refuse donations.  Ever.  This is just blasphemy, everyone, even for the Bluths.

2. Do you think a Les Cousins Dangereux poster is now hiding under his bullfighting poster?

3. I do like how George Michael cock-blocks himself with math.

4. One day George Michael’s bastard will meet Michael’s bastard with Not-Blind-Maggie while each thinks the other is the pimp of the woman he loves and wants to rescue from prostitution or something.

5. “You’re a terrible mother.”  Smooth, George Michael, smooth.

Arrested Development 4×12, ‘Senoritis’

Attested Development: Lifetime SPOILERS Award


To me, Maeby’s always seemed like the glue of the series, rather than the sparkle or the cloth.  She brought out George Michael’s issues with his dad, manipulated her parents, and generally went around running into people to keep everyone up on their doings and finding new ways to exploit others’ absurdities.  This episode is basically exactly what I expected a Maeby-centric episode would be.  It’s more spongecake keeping up a comedy fruit that feels separate from what’s actually happening here.  Most of my enjoyment stemmed from noting how Maeby is growing more like other family members, how she’s changed, how she affects George Michael, etc., rather than anything in this particular plot.  Thus, she’s become the glue of desserts-spongecake with fruit, rather than anything sweeter or more layered.  But it did hold the very specific satisfactions of allowing longtime fans to experience the historically-based humor and to see Maeby symbolize the show at large by being in the same skewed circumstances as previous seasons and realizing that it’s good to have change.



1. This plot did have the biggest hole-Maeby wanted something incriminating on the undercover cop because she thought she might have been seen in the bar (presumably by him or his cop friends and so the danger lay in him knowing she was over highschool age), so she comes up with a plan to keep him from using this knowledge that is based on him believing she’s still 17?  That makes no sense.  I mean, if she thought she had a window to have sex with him before his cop friends could tell him she’s older that would make the best of it…but she didn’t act like it was a race and if she had ended up having sex with an undercover cop who thought she was underage, surely the other cops, who would be the proof that she was really 23, would back up their fellow cop as knowing she really wasn’t a minor.  *throws up hands*

2. There were not enough ostriches.  Apparently the school’s team is the Ostriches, shouldn’t there have been a mascot running around?

3. That’s what Barry’s move should be-masquerade as the Ostrich Mascot at a game.


Arrested Development: Classic!

I cannot tell you how much I adore this photo.  There MUST be fanfic.