King Richard III’s bones recovered?


BBC News – Richard III dig: ‘Strong evidence’ bones are lost king.


“A university spokesperson said the evidence included signs of a peri-mortem (near-death) trauma to the skull and a barbed iron arrow head in the area of the spine.

Richard [III] is recorded by some sources as having been pulled from his horse and killed with a blow to the head.

The skeleton also showed severe scoliosis – a curvature of the spine.

Although not as pronounced as Shakespeare’s portrayal of the king as a hunchback, the condition would have given the adult male the appearance of having one shoulder higher than the other.”


“The [DNA] tests are expected to take about 12 weeks to complete.

If their identity is confirmed, Leicester Cathedral said it would work with the Royal Household, and with the Richard III Society, to ensure the remains were treated with dignity and respect and reburied with the appropriate rites and ceremonies of the church.”

The last Stuart King’s bones may just have been found beneath a Leicester council carpark.  There are definite plans to treat Richard III’s remains with belated respect and a royal Westminster burial, whenever they are actually found.  The ides of September, the half-birthday of the ides of March, may give back the body of a great war leader.  I feel like the War of the Roses just really ended.  Huzzah!

“Life by Map”

I’ll make the map.

-Look, I am here

With the world all around

Etched far, drawn near.

-But what compass can point to my quest?


I found the road.

-It’s small, but neat

With the right sort of winding,

And straightness on the sheet.

-If I start there I’ll find somewhere to rest.


If I take this step,

-Of setting up and out,

Then decision’s over

I’ll be stuck on just one route.

-Switching paths is ‘lost’ in the forest.


I thought I did go journey

-I got here somehow, right?

I can see the signposts now,

I must have traveled all night.

-So why does that travel seem guessed?


I don’t see where I’ve been.

-Why isn’t it on the map?

I could swear I’ve done something,

Gone somewhere, at least on a lap.

-Why doesn’t this key show those tests?


I’m trying to take a journey

-I’m sure that there’s a way.

I’ve got maps and courage,

There’s no reason for me to stay.

-But everywhere I go the roads are just pests!


I’ve seen some scenes

-both lovely and grim.

I’ve lived with different people,

Have seen the ocean’s rim.

-Why am I still starting, a novice at best?


I feel I’ve seen that map

-before, and it is strange.

I think it looked different

Was there a mountain range?

-Perhaps I traveled far to here, the map won’t divest.


I’ve got my map

-though it doesn’t seem to guide.

It doesn’t get me anywhere,

Or remember where I tide.

-How can I end my ramble without knowing where I’m best?


I’m looking at a map

-but I can’t see where I go.

If it won’t tell me what I’ve done

What’s left for me to know?

-If I must begin again, I have just one request.


May I put away this map?

-Stop searching for my track?

If my feet could just ramble forth

They might find what I lack.

-Or it could be just a step, or detour, on my quest.