Arrested Development 4×8, “Red Hairing”

Attested Development: SPOILERS!  It’s still SPOILERS!


This episode felt like the comfy old shoe in Arrested Development’s closet.  They’ve got somewhere to go with it, but it’s not very far away, and they’re really looking forward more to just settling in when they get there.  On the plus side, this episode feels easy, familiar, and endearing.  On the other hand, it went rather slowly and the comedy was more “Oh, that” smiles instead of outright laughs.  Once again, I loved Lindsay’s journey and felt that Portia de Rossi sold it very well, without losing her comedic timing.  I felt this episode just wasn’t as brilliant as others because a lot of the gags played to be really funny were things that had no surprise at all-Love’s special deals on jewelry could’ve been guessed and isn’t really comic anyhow, the “against the wall” misunderstanding was seen coming the whole time, and Lindsay’s lack of muscle-memory for certain actions seems like something that should have been used in a different, funnier situation.  Plus, Marky Bark didn’t bring the humor.  His one gag is exactly the same every single time and turning into a stand-in for Tobias is just sad.  This is where I feel that it’s specifically the writing that’s got things down.  Fortunately, when watched as part of a block of other episodes, it has enough life to coast along as a side dish portion of the meal.



1. Lucille was right-Lucille 2 IS totally trying to prove that she loves the children more than Lucille does!  That BITCH!

2. I love how everyone applauds the politician’s “key adviser.”

3. Of course Lindsay was also involved in high school politics.  Did George also try to get her to use dirty tricks, or just ignore it because it didn’t have to do with her looks?

4. Seriously, Annyong??  You used to be so much sneakier!  Plus, if you’re going to stick them for something, should’ve at least ordered the Skip’s Scramble.          

Arrested Development: Classic!

I cannot tell you how much I adore this photo.  There MUST be fanfic.