Holiday Shopping Spot!

Today, I have a very proud announcement to make. My enterprising nieces and crafty nephew have opened a small business on Facebook called the Sonshine Smiles Shop! Find it here:

The holidays are coming and this is a wonderfully cheap way to get some lovely gifts-I’m their loving aunt and some of these things are even more gorgeous and special than I even expected! So, if you know of anyone who would love to trick-or-treat in a beautiful Snow Queen dress…


Or a baby in need of a fancy pink princess/birthday/holiday dress….


Or some young ones who could use some sweet-smelling play-doh with jewels to find and decorate with…


Or anyone in need of special Mama Necklaces, organic wool dryer balls, toddler-safe Jedi light sabers, or $4 aromatherapy bath salts, please stop by today! And they take special orders, too! Tell your friends!


Dollshouse Downton – YouTube

Dollshouse Downton – YouTube.


This is absolutely adorable!  I HIGHLY recommend it to fans of Downton Abbey.  A dollhouse-a cavalcade of fuzzy animal actors, and a script that utilized modern music, written signs, and repeated phrases to condense both seasons of the show down to four marvelous episodes.  Go forth and be amused.