Doctor Who “Angels Take Manhattan”

*STAMPS APPROVAL*  (Small print states there will be spoilers ahead)


I love, love, love the opening sequence.  Sassy detectives and the noir 30s style set off weeping angels to perfection.  The entire book framework was brilliant, gave this episode a choose-your-own-adventre-novel feel, and did glorious things for the semi-romantic relationship of Doctor and River.  Speaking of River, the detective atmosphere became her excellent well, also.  The pacing of the episode was marvelous, in contrast to the rest of this season.  It went so fast I was wishing for more time at the end of the paradox, but felt the final moments had enough space without getting ham-fisted.  Granted, they went with the most foreseeable ending for Rory and Amy considering it’s a weeping angels story, as opposed to something more subtle, but they did it so well!


This episode was indubitably the best this season.


Now that’s clear, can we discuss the Doctor’s selfishness?  I’m not saying it’s necessarily bad that he’s displaying such selfishness, but it’s definitely there!  He’d rather have Amy stay with him than be happy with Rory-that’s the underlying theme of his actions this episode.  It seemed clear to me that his main reason for not trying to create a paradox wasn’t doubt, but rather the knowledge that if Amelia’s last farewell isn’t to Rory, than it must be to him, and he’d rather let Rory go.  It’s not just denial and depression-which already puts a lot of pressure on those around him, it’s that calculated.



I was slightly irked at how long no one looked at the Statue of Liberty without it getting any closer, defying the thrill of these opponents, but have since decided that the Statue of Liberty’s size just slows her down when it comes to actually bending her head/mouth instead of just gliding to a certain location.

I really wanted Rory and Amy to have at least a slight kiss before leaping.  I mean, it’s their romantic farewell episode, they can’t even get a decent snog in?

If River can send the book to Amy to get published, can’t they send her other messages, too?

What are they doing with go tell my little-girl-self how my story ends?  That just seems like a terrible, terrible idea for all possible reasons.  In my head this episode ended before that part.