The time has come to talk about my new favorite show.  This show is an absolute carnival for my mind, full of yelling and bright, beautiful pictures, and things that both excite and scare the fuck out of you.  Also, abnormal food.  I have some thoughts on this and they need to go somewhere.


Prequel: It’s really hard to stop saying “Hannibal” the way they do here:-http://www.themarysue.com/hannibal-korean-promo/

KING ARTHUR PREQUEL: http://cleolinda.tumblr.com/post/47978698992/vaeltaa-clearly-they-were-destined-to-be



1×1 “Aperitif”

1. Mads Mikkelson was born to play this role.  From the second I saw him cast as Hannibal I realized I was going to have to watch it because it was a match made in Heaven.

2. For going around imagining yourself as serial killers, dreaming of quietly levitating corpses and a stag is…really not that bad.

3. I believe Hobbs whispered “See?” to Will because in Hobbs’ mind, cannibalizing other girls because he was freaking out about his daughter going to college is the same as Will freaking out because he doesn’t want her to bleed out and die.  Hence: “See?  You don’t want to let her go, either.  You’ll kill to keep her with you.”

4. I love how the original serial killer is named after the philosopher who literally wrote the book (Leviathan) on how people are awful and selfish.

5. Clearly, Hannibal stuck by Abigail because, as a psychiatrist, staking his claim to the traumatized girl is his best ticket to staying in the FBI loop.

1×2 “Amuse-Bouche”

6. I believe the stag symbolizes Will’s greatest issue of “The inevitability of there being a man so bad that killing him felt good.”  Hence, it directly involves Lector, but does not actually symbolize him directly.

7. We now have the answer for those who feel cannibalistic but are vegetarians!

1×3 “Potage”

8. I love that the show actually does so much research: (Abigail Hobbs is historical) http://tattlecrimenews.tumblr.com/post/50767405400/tattlecrimecom-abigail-hobbs-was-already

1×6 “Entree”

9. Dessert for cannibals!: https://twitter.com/BryanFuller/status/330152849793241090/photo/1

10. That whole prompting of Jack to tell him about other ponies he’s lost back in “Amuse-Bouche” is a lot more terrible now, eh?

1×7 “Sorbet”

11. Hannibal is for nothing if not hunger relief!

12. Aunt Vivian from Pushing Daisies!  In my head, this actually happens in that universe also, when Vivian and Lily were the popular mermaids and went around in special socializing circles.  Finding out they’d been eating people is part of how they developed social phobias and became shut-ins.

13. Cheese Divination!=http://www.occultopedia.com/t/tyromancy.htm

1×8 “Fromage”

14. This and Sorbet are the best things ever.

1×11 “Roti”

15.  Always called that all Alana scenes were real.

16. Perhaps Bedelia is the one Hannibal was having a fling with when his students thought he was having an affair with Alana?




Once Upon a Time 2×1 “Broken”


1. The reunion between Emma and her parents was every bit as awkward as anticipated.  I suspect a lot of the resentments about Emma’s upbringing were immediately thrown in there mainly to distract everyone from the sheer awkwardness of their age discrepancies.  David’s interaction with Henry made me quite irritated with him-he’s only interested in using him bolster his own self-image and determination by impressing them on Henry-probably subconsciously as he clearly means well, but that’s all I saw.  Of everyone in his family YOU do not know this kid-you could talk to him, ask him what he thinks, thank him for believing in you (I think Mary mentioned things like this to him) or pushing Emma to save everyone?  No?  I cannot be behind this as a proper family meeting.

2. I have many feelings about Rumplestiltskin.  After the last episode I had a lot of questions for him, and the answers don’t really alter my need to sit him down and have a chat.  As far as why Belle knows he’ll be able to canoodle with Belle after magic is brought to Storybrooke, I suppose the whole “magic works differently here”, already covering a multitude of sins, can also manage to cover for Rumple’s ability to look normal and kiss Belle.  My criticism that as a looks-conscious man Rumple should’ve leaped to redress Belle did get addressed.  I was both glad to see Rumple talking fashion with Belle and sad that it came up mainly as an excuse to be alone instead of the sincere thing it should’ve been.  It did seem that everyone else was too busy reuniting and getting angry mobbish that Rumple’s store was safe, but still-I would expect people to be trying to get back their objects anytime now.  The dagger, though…he’s really still going with leaving it in the woods, where these people run around regularly, knowing that Ruby’s got wolf powers for finding objects and that he’s actually shown Pinochio (who may not be dead and if he was I don’t think Rumple necessarily knew it) where its hiding spot is?  That seems like the height of stupidity and I expect more of him.

3. I was happy with the show’s take on Sleeping Beauty’s kingdom “sleeping for years” along with her.  Phillip is clearly the dashing hero I want him to be.  Unfortunately, the love triangle with Mulan meant that their feminine-stereotype fight, which might have led to really awesome feminist breakthroughs or at least a shattering of said stereotypes, led only to a love-triangle.  This is not okay.

4. Our clues for the new guy are: he’s in a big city, he’s got a postcard, there’s a significant pigeon.  Right now the strongest possibilities of the ones I’ve seen seem to be the White Rabbit or Peter Pan, as both of those had the ability to traverse worlds.  My personal theory is that he’s the boy who befriended Pinochio on Pleasure Island.  Pinochio may well have confided in his best friend his mission, his conversation with the Blue Fairy may have been about the sending of this postcard to an address at a ‘certain time’, or Pinochio may have survived and sent it himself.  Further evidence comes from the pigeon-in Disney’s Pinochio he found out where Gepetto went because of a message dropped to him by some birds that resembled doves or pigeons.  Hence, the significant pigeon points this way.  Also, this version of Pleasure Island IS a part of the normal world, so of course he would be there.

5. Dr Whale is unknown by David.  And possibly Regina, though was an integral person who collaborated with her, which argues she is lying.  He is a doctor.  He is a womanizer.  Is he Smee?  Smee performed caretaking duties, is tied to the sea, and could be imagined as a womanizer pirate like the others.  I like the idea that he’s the wizard from Wizard of Oz-he could have ballooned in from FTL, or passed through there, which would explain how he got there-but he would be unknown.  The wizard performed ‘operations’ on heads, hearts, etc., so could easily become a doctor.  The wizard is  a natural collaborator, explaining his switch from cooperating so well with Regina to hating her so much.  He’s manipulative, which could lead to lying and womanizing.  Also, perhaps his balloon was named or shaped or bore the image of a whale.  It could totally work.

6. Where is Jefferson???  He is needed here.

Familiars, Ferrets and Fairy Tales

Today marks the anniversary of the trial, in 1549, of Joan Prentice.  She was accused of sending an imp, in the form of a ferret, to bite children.


“She confessed that the Devil appeared to her as a dunnish colored ferret with fiery eyes and asked for her soul. She couldn’t give her soul because it belonged to Jesus, but gave the ferret blood from her finger and cheek. His name was “Bidd”, and when she wanted him to do anything for her, she said:

      “Bidd, Bidd, Bidd,
      come Bidd, come Bidd, come Bidd,
      come suck, come suck, come suck”.

Bidd was a “familiar,” or animal kept by English witches that performed evil deeds for them and was rewarded with sucking their blood from witch teats.)

Joan Prentice’s trial was on 5 July 1589,and she was hanged within two hours after sentencing. “(Source: Robbins, Rossell Hope. The Encyclopedia of Witchcraft and Demonology. New York: Bonanza Books, 1959)

Other reports say Joan had two imps, or familiars, named Jack and Jill.


Now, here’s the thing: why aren’t witches’ familiars allowed to be so active anymore?  Now they get to be cats that are black or dark birds with knowing looks-sometimes they get to deliver messages.  Always, they are underused.  Think of all the things they could do!  All the things they could explain!

1. Why did Humpty Dumpty fall off the wall?  An imp ferret pushed him off!

2. Why did Snow White actually let the old woman into the cottage after being warned by the dwarves and knowing full well she was in danger?  The imp ferret pushed the door in and the woman was just chasing after her poor, lost pet!

3. Why was Sleeping Beauty clumsy enough to prick her finger on the spinning wheel?  Maleficent’s ferret imp was lying in wait on top of it and Sleeping Beauty was reaching out to pet it, when the imp moved so she pricked her finger instead!

4. How did the witch visit Rapunzel before she was old enough for her hair to grow long?  She’d send up a rope with her ferret imp, he’d tie it securely and she could climb up.  When she left, the ferret would fetch it back down so the girl couldn’t escape.

5. Why does Cruella DeVille want all animals made into coats? As a child a witch sent her imp familiars in their animal forms to bite her!  She particularly likes dalmatians because she finds the spots comforting-the witches’ animals were always all one color!  Hence, her reaction on seeing the spot-less puppies: “What a horrid little white rat-eech!”

Also, I feel this is an entire form of vampirism that has somehow been passed over.  Say!  Perhaps Draco is really an imp!  When turned into an animal his form was a ferret, he’s mighty pale, and he does have an obsession with blood.  This is fun-I am thankful to Joan Prentice and her ferrets for all these scrumptious thoughts.  Anyone else have some theories or uses for a ferret imp?