Dollshouse Downton – YouTube

Dollshouse Downton – YouTube.


This is absolutely adorable!  I HIGHLY recommend it to fans of Downton Abbey.  A dollhouse-a cavalcade of fuzzy animal actors, and a script that utilized modern music, written signs, and repeated phrases to condense both seasons of the show down to four marvelous episodes.  Go forth and be amused.


The Lizzie Bennet Diaries – YouTube

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries – YouTube.


These things are fantastic!  About 3.5 minute increments of a modern day Lizzie Bennet video blog.  She has two sisters.  Jane is spot-on Austen and Lydia is hilariously updated to modern obnoxious boy-crazy.  She dresses up and does voices for her parents.  I think my all time favorite things are when she’s being her mother.  It makes me smile and is surprisingly hard to stop watching, considering I know where it’s going.  Perhaps it’s the editing touches (done by Charlotte), or the true-to-life sibling interactions, or the minimal costumes, or the stronger connection to the character in this setting.  After all, I am also a ‘DREADED MIDDLE CHILD’, etc.  It’s a wonderful, fun pick-me-up that makes me smile.